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At #BISA2022 there’ll be 250+ panels and roundtables. There’ll also be several exciting satellite and networking events. It can be difficult to know where to start, so use this page to inspire your choices. When you're ready, view the full programme and the virtual stream programme.

01 Keynotes and satellite events

The politics of austerity: global and local – Tuesday 14 June, 6-7.15pm, Herschel Building Newcastle University. This public event will provide a place for us to reflect upon what makes austerity possible and what austerity makes possible in its wake, including community led resistance and regeneration. Find out more on the event page.

Dodging the Mass Extinction Event - Kim Stanley Robinson keynote address - Wednesday 15 June, 4.45-6.15pm. The renowned science fiction author will Zoom in to provide unique perspectives on the theme of this year’s conference - ‘Can the world survive?’.

The Newcastle Blitz: A History of Newcastle During WW2 - Wednesday 15 June, 4.45-6pm, The Northern Stage, Newcastle University. Dr Stephen Moore will be the speaker at this free public event.

Conference reception – Wednesday 15 June, 6.30-8.30pm. Our reception takes place at Wylam Brewery which resides in the spectacular Palace of Arts, a Grade II listed building. Catch up with your old friends and colleagues, meet new ones, and enjoy a drink and some canapes. There’ll also be a photobooth so you can capture the moment.

Guided 5k Toon run - UNFORTUNATELY WE ARE NO LONGER ABLE TO OFFER A GUIDED RUN DUE TO ILL HEALTH, however please do feel free to rock up with your friends and follow the Strava map.

The global governance of scientific challenges – plenary roundtable – Thursday 16 June, 12.30-2pm. This plenary roundtable will feature Professor Wendy Wong (University of Toronto), Professor Stefan Elbe (University of Sussex) and Professor Lorraine Elliott (Australia National University). It will be chaired by Dr Georgina Holmes (Imperial College London).

Inaugural War Studies Keynote: Command in the Falklands War - Professor Sir Lawrence Freedman – Thursday 16 June, 6.30-7.30pm. This public lecture will argue the importance of looking at the interaction of operational and political considerations when considering the role of command in war. It will examine two episodes in the war - the sinking of the Belgrano and the battle for Goose Green.

Prize giving ceremony – Friday 17 June, 12.30-1.15pm. Be the first to know who’s won the 2022 BISA prizes, including the Susan Strange Best Book Prize and the Distinguished Contribution Prize.

One Key Magic – A sound installation – Taking place throughout the conference in The Arches Sound Space opposite Northern Stage. This sound work is a collection of new music by One Key Magic - a band Dr Michael Mulvihill formed with record producer Chris Tate (Score, D_Rradio) - to investigate materiality and geopolitical practices of space operations at RAF Fylingdales. This programme is part of Newcastle University Institute of Creative Practice The Arches Sound Project.

Visualizing Global Challenges – Photography exhibition - Projected onto the grand staircase, this exhibition documents the climate crisis, environmental problems, geopolitical issues, protests, and war, through the eyes of the VII Photo Agency’s world-renown photojournalists. Curated by David Campbell, the photographs have been provided through a partnership with The VII Foundation. Click through to find out more.

02 Top 3’s

We asked several individuals what they’re most looking forward to at #BISA2022. Here’s what they said.

Professor Kurt Mills (Conference Co-Chair)

  1. Making and Unmaking International Law and Politics – Wednesday 15 June, 3-4.30pm
  2. Keynote Address: Kim Stanley Robinson - Wednesday 15 June, 4.45-6.15pm
  3. Refugees and Insecurity Thursday 16 June, 10.45am-12.15pm

Professor Ruth Blakeley (BISA Chair)

  1. Epidemiological Imperialism: The Medicalization of In/Security in International Relations – Wednesday 15 June, 9-10.30am
  2. Approaching Climate Crisis – Thursday 16 June, 4.45-6.15pm
  3. Global struggles, anti-carceral solidarities and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign – Friday 17 June, 9-10.30am

Dr Jenna Marshall, Dr Sharri Plonski and Dr Heba Youssef (Conveners of the CPD Working Group)

  1. Beyond willful ignorance: A British Truth-Telling Commission on Colonialism? - Wednesday 15 June, 1.15-2.45pm
  2. Abolitionist Thinking as an unanswered question - Thursday 16 June, 4.45-6.15pm
  3. Global struggles, anti-carceral solidarities and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign - Friday 17 June, 9-10.30am

Juliet Dryden (BISA Director)

  1. Can IR Survive. Should it? – Wednesday 15 June, 10.45am-12.15
  2. Grand Strategy – New approaches and Perspectives - Thursday 16 June, 10.45am-12.15pm
  3. The War in Ukraine – Thursday 16 June, 4.45-6.15pm

Dr Georgina Holmes (Conference Co-Chair)

  1. The Power of Narratives: Russia’s Strategic Narratives of Identity and Crises – Friday 17 June, 4.45-6.15pm
  2. Gendering Economies – Thursday 16 June, 3-4.30pm
  3. Plenary roundtable: The global governance of scientific challenges – Thursday 16 June, 12.30-2pm

Joanna Wilson (Postgraduate Network (PGN) Chair)

  1. Future challenges for international law – Wednesday 15 June, 9-10.30am
  2. Questioning key concepts in AI and cyber security studies – Wednesday 15 June, 9-10.30am
  3. PGN Meet the Editors Roundtable – Thursday 16 June, 10.45am-12.15pm

03 BISA journal and book series events

  • BISA's Publications and Diversity - Wednesday 15 June, 9-10.30am
  • Operational experiences, military role conceptions and their influence on civil-military relations (European Journal of International Security) - Thursday 16 June, 9-10.30am
  • Meet the Editors Roundtable (Review of International Studies, European Journal of International Security and International Affairs) - Thursday 16 June, 10.45-12.15
  • Colonial, Postcolonial and Decolonial Working Group Prize Panel – (Review of International Studies) - Thursday 16 June, 1.15-2.45pm
  • Presenting, Narrating and Translating Security (European Journal of International Security) Thursday 16 June, 4.45-6.15pm
  • Up to Our Necks: International Relations and Existentialism (Review of International Studies) - Friday 17 June, 9-10.30am
  • Participation and Protection in Security (European Journal of International Security) - Friday 17 June, 3-4.30pm

04 Special event – Gender, race and the intersections of precarity - an interactive workshop for best practice-based actions and solutions

Wednesday 15 June, 11am-4pm

This BISA and PSA joint workshop will reflect on the uniqueness of the gendered and racialised experiences of women academics. Drawing on their experience and evidence-based work, we will explore a range of issues that fall under the umbrella of gender, race and precarity across our disciplines.

You must register in advance if you want to attend the workshop. Find out more on the dedicated event page. In addition to #BISA2022 delegates, this workshop is open to any BISA or PSA member.

05 Working group AGMs and meetings

Colonial, Postcolonial and Decolonial Working Group - Wednesday 15 June, 12.15-1.15pm

Critical Studies on Terrorism Working Group - Friday 17 June, 12.15-1.15pm

Ethics and World Politics Working Group – Thursday 16 June, 2-3pm

European Security Working Group - Thursday 16 June, 2-3pm

International Law and Politics Working Group – Wednesday 15 June, 12.15-1.15pm

Intervention and Responsibility to Protect Working Group - Thursday 16 June, 2-3pm

Russian and Eurasian Security Working Group - Thursday 16 June, 2-3pm

South East Europe Working Group - Wednesday 15 June, 12.15-1.15pm

06 BISA working group convener meeting

On Thursday 16 June 4.45-6.15pm all working group conveners are invited to get together with the BISA Chair, Director and Communications Manager to talk about the upcoming year and to raise any items for discussion. Conveners can register in advance to receive the agenda and an attendance reminder.

07 Food, entertainment and Newcastle

We’ll be providing all delegates with tea, coffee and water during the breaks, as well as lunch each day, but we’re sure you’ll be keen to get out an explore Newcastle. Our fantastic conference committe, who all reside in Newcastle, have put together a ‘Newcastle survival guide’ for you with information on everything from coffee shops to local attractions.


Photo by Karl Moran on Unsplash