We want to make the BISA conference accessible to as many people as possible. This year we’re offering 9 postgraduate (PhD only) bursaries for those based in the UK/EU, and 9 bursaries for postgraduate (PhD only) students registered at non-UK/EU/European institutions. This is an increase in the support that was available in 2022 at a rate higher than UK inflation.

Postgraduate bursaries

The bursary award is £150 per applicant for those registered at UK/EU/European institutions, and £300 per applicant for those registered at non-UK/EU/European institutions. Your conference fee will also be waived.

The bursaries can be used towards travel and accommodation.

Am I eligible?

  • Bursaries are available to current postgraduate members of BISA, who do not have support from their institution, a research grant, or other funding awards, to attend the conference.
  • Applicants should be BISA postgraduate members at the time of application, and at the time of the conference for which the bursary is awarded.
  • PhD applicants and postdocs are not eligible for a conference bursary. So, if you haven’t started your PhD, have already completed, or will have completed your PhD prior to the conference, you won’t be eligible.
  • Masters’ students are not eligible for this award.
  • Bursary applicants must have paper(s) accepted for presentation at the conference. It is a condition of the award that papers are submitted by the paper submission deadline.

How do the bursaries work?

You’ll need to fill in an online bursary application form which must be accompanied by a statement from a supervisor. This must be signed, on university headed paper and uploaded to the website with your application.

You’ll need to collate the following information before making your online application:

  1. Student name and institution/email contact   
  2. Confirmation of current BISA membership
  3. 200-word account of your research   
  4. Are you in receipt of any grants/funding? If so, describe them   
  5. Title of paper
  6. 50-word paper abstract/summary  
  7. Any other role(s) that will you play in the conference   
  8. Letter of support from your institution on university headed paper.

Your letter of support should:

  • introduce you, including information on the nature of the relationship with the letter writer i.e. supervisor, head of department, head of research etc
  • confirm your attitude to studying and research
  • detail your academic record and commitment
  • make the case for funding i.e. confirm there is no alternative and/or institutional funding available for you 
  • confirm you’re still registered as a PhD student
  • make the case for the value of your participation in the conference.

Applications closed on 17 February 2023. We will now assess all applications and you will be notified of the outcome in time to meet the 6 March participant registration deadline.

How to claim your bursary expenses

No money will change hands in advance of the conference. You will still need to register for your conference place, however you will be able to choose a free bursary ticket type. You will need to submit a claim for your expenses.

Please complete an expenses claim form and return it to the BISA office by email with your receipts (clearly scanned images or jpeg are fine). Please ensure your bank details are clearly legible otherwise payments may get misdirected by our bank. 

Claim forms must be supported by proper receipts that show VAT where applicable (incl VAT registration number), details of items paid for, and the amount paid. Online booking receipts should be in the applicant’s name.

All claims are to be made promptly after the conference and within three months of the event. Failure to do so may result in funding not being paid out.

You should not utilise the same receipts for more than one funding claim. This is fraudulent and may result in the award being withdrawn.

We will not accept claims for mileage and/or parking, unless there are specific reasons for this, which have been agreed in advance of the conference, and the claims being made.  

The awards are for travel and accommodation only. Additional items will not be funded. Where travelling using an Oyster card, please provide a download statement with the relevant trips and costs highlighted. Generic lump sum top-ups cannot be claimed. 

The bursary expenses claims will be paid by bank transfer.

Other conditions

  • No applicant will be supported for more than two conference awards
  • No single institution will be eligible for more than five awards in any one year
  • These awards relate only to attendance at the main BISA 2023 conference, 21 to 23 June 2023.

Please send any bursary enquiries to the Conference Chairs, Georgina Holmes and Kurt Mills, via conferences@bisa.ac.uk. For information on childcare bursaries please the childcare page.