The Centre Hall at Kelvingrove Museum set out for a large event with purple and pink lights

Featured events

At #BISA2023 there’ll be 250+ panels and roundtables. There’ll also be several exciting satellite and networking events. It can be difficult to know where to start so use this page to take a look at some featured events. You can then use the conference programme to search by speaker, working group or keyword, and create your own personalised programme.

01 University of Glasgow sponsored events

Uncomfortable histories: decolonising our universities? - Tuesday 20 June, 5.30-8pm, Yudowitz Lecture Theatre, Wolfson Medical Building, University of Glasgow.

Recognising Glasgow as a site of (de)industrialisation and empire in conjunction with the University’s past relationship to slavery and abolition, raises important questions regarding the contemporary role of universities in addressing systemic racism in education and society in the UK. Join us for this free public event.

NGO/Practitioner perspectives: Towards a Feminist Foreign Policy in Scotland - Wednesday 21 June, 1.15-2.45pm, Marriott Glasgow, QE2 Room. 

A roundtable featuring representatives from Oxfam Scotland, Amnesty International Scotland, Scottish Women’s Aid and Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.

Conference Reception - Wednesday 21 June 6.45-8.45pm, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Argyle Street, Glasgow G3 8AG.

Join us at the conference reception in this beautiful venue for drinks and a welcome by the conference team. This Civic Reception is held with kind support by The Rt Hon The Lord Provost of Glasgow Councillor Jacqueline McLaren, Glasgow City Council and the School of Social & Political Sciences, University of Glasgow. The Centre Hall has an exquisite, vaulted ceiling and ornate chandeliers. The museum features 22 themed, state-of-the-art galleries displaying an astonishing 8,000 objects.

Towards a Feminist Foreign policy in Scotland: Pitfalls, Promises and Lessons Learned  - Also sponsored by the Scottish Council on Global Affairs. Thursday 21 June. Lunch 12.15-1.15pm, roundtable 1.15-2.45pm, Hilton Glasgow, Morblas Room.

This roundtable brings academic experts together to reflect upon the formation of the Scottish government’s Feminist Foreign Policy (FFP). Participants will reflect on the formulation of Scotland’s policy, lessons learned from other states’ experiences regarding the promises and difficulties in forming and enacting FFP, the effects of anti-feminist backlash and the conundrum of developing equitable cooperation with partner states in the Global South. You must register for this event separately to your conference registration. It is free and open to the public.

Refugees and (In)Security: Learning from Scottish ‘Exceptionalism’? Successes, Failures and Opportunities - Thursday 22 June 3.00-4.30pm, Hilton Glasgow, Lochay Room.

This roundtable discussion includes participants from the University of Glasgow and Policyscribe.

02 Special events

The Clydeside Blitz : A lunchtime history talk from the War Studies Working Group: Speaker: Marc Conaghan - Wednesday 21 June, 12.15-1.15pm, Hilton Glasgow, Tay Room.

There is a need to bring Glasgow’s WWII story to the forefront - to describe what life was like in Glasgow, the effects the war had on the landscape of Glasgow, what tribulations Glaswegians faced and finally, to commemorate and memorialise those who died. Marc's research is an attempt to bring the story of Glasgow in this period out of the shadows and once more into the light of the public consciousness.

Remembering Andrew Linklater – Thursday 22 June, 3-4.30pm, Hilton Glasgow, Tay/Tweed Rooms.

A giant of British IR, Andrew Linklater was a brilliant and thoughtful scholar, IR theorist, inspiring teacher, committed mentor, and a wonderfully generous and kind man. This roundtable features Andre Saramago (Universidade de Coimbra), Anthony Lang (University of St Andrews), Chris Brown (University of Warwick), Danielle Young (University of Leeds), Milja Kurki (Aberystwyth University), Mustapha Kamal Pasha (Aberystwyth University), Toni Erskine (Australian National University), Vassilios Paipais (University of St Andrews) and Vivienne Jabri (King's College London).

War Studies keynote: Professor Sir Hew Strachan 'Is the nature of war changing?' - Thursday 22 June, 4.45-6.15pm, Marriott Glasgow, QE2 Room.

Hew Strachan has been Wardlaw Professor of International Relations at the University of St Andrews since 2015. In 2016 he was awarded the Pritzker Prize for Lifetime Achievement for Military Writing. His recent publications include The Politics of the British Army (1997); The First World War: To Arms (2001); The First World War: A New Illustrated History (2003); and The Direction of War (2013).

Prize giving ceremony – Friday 23 June, 12.30-1.15pm, Hilton Glasgow, Tay Room.

Be the first to know who’s won the 2023 BISA prizes, including the Susan Strange Best Book Prize and the Distinguished Contribution Prize. This will be followed by the BISA AGM from 1.15-1.45pm.

Screening of 'Black Bauhinia' followed by Q&A session with the director and the producers - Friday 23 June, 4.45-6.15pm, Marriott Glasgow, QE2 Room. 

Black Bauhinia 香港本色 is the first feature-length documentary film on Hong Kong localism and the independence movement, which fundamentally transformed Hong Kong’s domestic and international relations. The film follows two young localist leaders’ emotional journey from electoral successes into prison and exile, while providing a background analysis of the 2019 Hong Kong protests.

Photo exhibitionPolitics of Wildfire (Lorenza Fontana)

This exhibition animates our recent action-research project investigating the lived experiences of wildfires in the Chiquitania region of Bolivia – an area with one of the largest and best-preserved dry forests in the world. This is an ecosystem most vulnerable to extreme fires, and all communities in the region have been and continue to be profoundly affected by intensifying wildfires.

The exhibition shares portraits of people who participated in the Forum Theatre project, people whose lives are profoundly marked by wildfires; their portraits sit alongside scenes from the theatrical work, including portraits of some of this same people dressed as the characters they played on stage. Find out more on the exhibition website.

Photo exhibition - Colombia River Stories: The Atrato River Guardians (Mo Hume/Jan Nimmo)

The research responds to the landmark Colombian Constitutional Court Ruling T- 622, which recognises the River Atrato in Chocó as a bearer of rights and calls on both communities and the state to be its 'Guardians'. Chocó is Colombia’s poorest and most ethnically diverse department.

The exhibition has 16 portraits and explores who and what actors and drivers of conflict in Chocó are, how they have developed with respect to alluvial gold mining, and the extent to which ‘river stories’ that integrate the perspectives of communities and the river itself, may inform more inclusive strategies for building sustainable peace. Find out more on the project website.

03 BISA journal events

  • Security, governance and peacebuilding (European Journal of International Security) - Wednesday 21 June, 10.45am-12.15pm, Hilton Glasgow, Don Room. 
  • Global Challenges and Cooperation in an Unstable International Order (European Journal of International Security) - Wednesday 21 June, 1.15-2.45pm, Hilton Glasgow, Dee Room.
  • Meet the Editors Roundtable (Review of International Studies, European Journal of International Security and International Affairs) - Wednesday 21 June, 3-4.30pm, Marriott Glasgow, Waverley Room. 
  • Imagining the future of International Politics (Review of International Studies) - Thursday 22 June, 1.15-2.45pm, Hilton Glasgow, Don Room.
  • Interdisciplinary research in Security Studies (European Journal of International Security) - Thursday 22 June, 3-4.30pm, Hilton Glasgow, Endrick Room.
  • Colonial, Postcolonial and Decolonial Working Group Prize roundtable – (Review of International Studies) - Friday 23 June, 3-4.30pm, Marriott Glasgow, Waverley Room.
  • What the 'War on Terror' Leaves Behind: Assessing International Security in a Post-Terrorism Era (European Journal of International Security) - Friday 23 June, 3-4.30pm, Marriott Glasgow, QE1 Room.

04 Live podcast recording - Whiskey and IR

Wednesday 21 June, 3-6.15pm, Marriott Glasgow, QE2 Room.

The 'Whiskey and IR' podcast is coming to #BISA2023. A live version of the podcast will be followed by a roundtable, all accompanied by whisky tasting. Join Dan and PTJ for takes on Robert W. Cox’s classic 1981 article, “Social Forces, States and World Orders: Beyond International Relations Theory”, and a roundtable titled ‘Status check’.

We're thrilled to have the Clydeside Distillery sponsoring this event. They will provide a wee dram of whisky and Alistair McDonald, Distillery Manager, will appear on the podcast. The distillery also provide tours if you're looking to do some local sightseeing in your free time.

You must register in advance and separately to your conference registration to attend this event. We are unable to make any exceptions.

06 Working group AGMs

  • Ethics and World Politics Working Group – Wednesday 21 June, 12.40-1.15pm, Hilton Glasgow, Dee Room.
  • South East Europe Working Group - Wednesday 21 June, 12.15-1.15pm, Hilton Glasgow, Don Room.
  • Gendering International Relations Working Group - Wednesday 21 June, 4.45-6.15pm (meeting), Hilton Glasgow, Tweed Room.
  • International Law and Politics Working Group – Thursday 22 June, 12.15-1.15pm, Hilton Glasgow, Endrick Room.
  • Russian and Eurasian Security Working Group - Thursday 22 June, 12.15-1.15pm, Hilton Glasgow, Clyde Room.
  • Global Nuclear Order Working Group - Thursday 22 June, 12.15-1.15pm, Hilton Glasgow, Don Room.
  • Astropolitics Working Group - Thursday 22 June, 12.15-1.15pm, Hilton Glasgow, Dee Room.
  • Colonial, Postcolonial and Decolonial Working Group - Thursday 22 June, 12.15-1.15pm (meeting), Hilton Glasgow, Spey Room.
  • European Security Working Group - Thursday 22 June, 12.15-1.15pm, Hilton Glasgow, Carron Room.
  • Intervention and Responsibility to Protect Working Group - Friday 23 June, 12.15-1.15pm (meeting), Hilton Glasgow, Kinloch Room.

07 BISA working group convener meeting

During the conference all working group conveners are invited to get together with the BISA Chair, Vice-Chair, Director and Communications Manager to talk about the upcoming year and to raise any items for discussion. This year's meeting will take place on Friday 23 June at 9am. Current conveners should register so that you are sent the agenda closer to the event.

08 Food, entertainment and Glasgow

We’ll be providing all delegates with tea, coffee and water during the breaks, as well as lunch each day, but we’re sure you’ll be keen to get out and explore Glasgow. Our fantastic conference team at the University of Glasgow have put together a ‘Glasgow survival guide’ for you with information on everything from coffee shops to local attractions.