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Welcome to our virtual exhibition hall. You might not be able to physically walk around a hall this year, but you can still find special conference discounts on products and services, excellent videos and guides, and contact details for the right people to reach for further information.

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Exhibitor events

The following exhibitors are holding events during the conference. Be sure to attend! Zoom links can be found in the joining instructions email you will receive each morning of the conference.

Polity book launch: Anthony King's 'Urban Warfare in the Twenty-First Century' (publishing July 2021), Tuesday 22 June, 11am-12.30pm, Room 9 - Over the last two decades, warfare has migrated into cities. From Mosul to Mumbai, Aleppo to Marawi, the major military battles of our time have taken place in densely populated urban areas.  Why has this happened? What are the defining characteristics and the military and political implications of urban warfare today? Find out from leading sociologist Anthony King.

Cambridge Studies in International Relations Book Series, Tuesday 22 June, 4-5.30pm, Room 8 - Cambridge Studies in International Relations is a joint initiative of Cambridge University Press and the British International Studies Association (BISA). The series aims to publish the best new scholarship in international studies, irrespective of subject matter, methodological approach or theoretical perspective. The series seeks to bring the latest theoretical work in International Relations to bear on the most important problems and issues in global politics.

Meet and Greet with Palgrave Macmillan Commissioning Editors, Tuesday 22 June 4-5.30pm, Room 9 - Are you interested in publishing a book on international studies and would like to approach a publishing editor for more details? Do you have questions about the book publishing process in general and what to look out for when submitting a proposal? Or are you interested in hearing more about Palgrave’s commitment to open research and open access book publishing programme? Then join us for an interactive meet & greet where our experienced publishing editors will be taking questions on the various aspects of scholarly book publishing in the field of IR. Speakers- Anca Pusca, Executive Editor for International Studies, Anne Birchley-Brun, Editor for International Studies, Rebecca Roberts, Associate Editor for Peace and Conflict Studies.

Polity book discussion: What's Wrong with NATO and How to Fix it, Wednesday 23 June, 9-10.30am, Room 9 - NATO, the most successful alliance in history, is beset by unresolved tensions and divergent interests that are undermining its cohesion, credibility and capability. In this book, Mark Webber, James Sperling and Martin Smith explore four key post-Cold War developments that threaten NATO's survival.

Bristol University Press Book Launch - Grand Strategy in 10 Words: A Guide to Great Powers in the 21st Century by Sven Biscop, Wednesday 23 June, 4-5.30pm, Room 7 - In a world that has returned to great power rivalry, understanding the grand strategy of these powers is crucial. This book introduces ten key terms for analysing grand strategy and shows how the world’s great powers – the United States, China, Russia and the European Union (EU) – shape their strategic decisions today. Introduction by Stephen Wenham, Publisher of Politics and International Studies at Bristol University Press.