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At Palgrave Macmillan we publish award-winning research across the social sciences, humanities and business for academics, professionals and librarians. We offer authors and readers the very best in academic content whilst also supporting the community with innovative new formats and tools.

We have been proudly publishing cutting-edge and landmark titles in our prestigious IR programme since the early days of Macmillan Press in the 1800s. And we continue to offer timely and field-defining works from leading academics and rising stars alike, including invaluable new editions of discipline classics such as Nationalism and After by EH Carr and Diplomacy by GR Berridge.

Palgrave continues to be the natural home for interdisciplinary and innovative works that inform and inspire researchers and students. Books in this programme cover IR theory, international political economy, foreign policy, diplomacy, peace and conflict studies, migration, international organisations and global governance, security studies and human rights. We are proud to publish series such as:

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