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McGill-Queen's University Press is a scholarly publisher that defends, refutes, and creates fresh interpretations of the world. With over 3,000 books in print and numerous awards and bestsellers, our goal is to produce peer-reviewed, rigorously edited, beautifully produced, intelligent, interesting books.

A joint venture of McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, and Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, MQUP is both a specialist in the Canadian perspective and a publisher of international themes, attracting attention from the New York Times to the Globe & Mail.

A Canadian university press with a global reach, we aim to advance scholarship, promote public debate, and contribute to culture.

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Committed to publishing excellence, our goal is to produce rigorously edited, beautifully designed, intelligent, interesting books. We work individually and enthusiastically on behalf of every book we publish, from the submission of the manuscript to the production and promotion of the finished volume. MQUP has a global presence and our books are read around the world.


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