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Georgetown University Press publishes authors whose ideas will shape our collective future and inspire readers to know the world better. Our books and resources enable readers to reach across barriers, locally and globally, in order to engage with one another.

GUP’s international affairs program includes works in international and national security, intelligence, international relations, foreign policy, regional dynamics, human rights, and ethics. We have also recently launched a new series in Intelligence Studies to publish cutting-edge scholarship about the fascinating history of intelligence around the world from ancient times to the present day.

We are proud to announce many new books that will contribute to a deeper understanding of the challenges facing our society—and our world. Among them, our lead title After the End of History: Conversations with Francis Fukuyama, edited by Mathilde Fasting, offers intimate access into the mind of Francis Fukuyama and his timely reflections on world politics, the unfolding of his life and career, and the evolution of his thought.

For a list of our most recent publications for purchase or inspection for course use, please take a look at our International Studies brochure.

For guidelines about how to submit a proposal and to learn more about the Press, please visit our website, Thank you for your interest in our work.


Donald Jacobs

Senior Acquisitions Editor