Please let us know where you reside and why this grant will help your attendance at the BISA 2022 conference. Examples include no home internet access, unstable internet access.
Are you in receipt of any grants or other funding?
Are you presenting a paper at the BISA 2022 conference virtual stream?
It is not a requirement to have a paper accepted at the conference, however priority will be given to those who are presenting.
Title of the paper(s) you will present at the BISA conference
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Please use an additional box for each paper if presenting more than one.
Please provide a short abstract for each of your papers
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As above please use an additional box to summarise each paper.
Will you play another role at the BISA conference?

The information you have provided on this form will be held by BISA electronically and will be used in connection with your bursary application. Your nomination will be connected with your member profile. The details you have provided on this form will be shared with BISA staff, trustees and the conference assistant for the purpose of allocating the bursaries.